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Golf and College Students

There is no other sport in the world that is used more frequently for fundraising. At some point in your career, you will either be asked to play, organize or run a golf fundraising event. While in college this is the perfect opportunity for you and a group of friends to learn this great game!

Here are five reasons of the importance of learning the game of golf:


  1.  Business skills: In addition to etiquette and the ability to play comfortably with new acquaintances, golf teaches self-confidence, improves the ability to work with numbers, and applies problem-solving skills that are critical in business. 

  2. Anyone can play: Men, women, children, people from all over the globe and all walks of life come together on a golf course. The diversity found on a golf course opens young golfers to a broader view of the world and all people.

  3. Self Improvement: Golf challenges the player toward constant self-improvement. Players analyze what they did well and what has to change for them to improve. Players develop habits of self improvement by self-analysis skills, seeking professional instruction, and accepting critique from others.

  4. Controlling Emotions: In golf as in life, there are achievements and disappointments. Learning from mistakes and overcoming obstacles improves a player’s game, and teaches them to optimistically carry out the same pattern in day-to-day life.

  5. Health: Golf is an active game and is less injury-prone than contact sports. Conditioning for golf improves strength of core muscles that support the spine, improve flexibility, and allow participants the opportunity to be active and fit.

And of course it's FUN!

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W. Cecil Worsley III Golf Training Center

Elon University

Teaching Rates for Students and Faculty

Clinics - $20 per person for 45 minutes. Minimum of 3 students!

Elon Package- (3) 45 minute private lessons for $150

45 minute private lesson $55


Half Hour $45

One Hour private lesson $70

Phoenix Package $199: This package is for those who are true beginners. These (5) half hour lessons will include basic rules of the game, swing fundamentals and short game tips!

All lessons and clinics will take place at the Worsley Golf Training Facilities!

Online Teaching Short Reels

Short Reels w/ Roddy Guest
Online Learning

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